"Bravado" is the first track on Lorde's debut EP, The Love Club EP. The song is written by Lorde and Joel Little, who also produced the song, and was released on September 6, 2013 as a promotional single from the EP. The song was later released on Tennis Court EP, and as the twelfth track on the Extended Version of her debut album, Pure Heroine.


The track speaks about Lorde's introverted nature and having to feign confidence in the music industry.

"Bravado" peaked at number five on the New Zealand National Singles Chart and number twenty-nine on the US Hot Rock Songs chart.

Production and CompositionEdit

The production of "Bravado" was created by Joel Little. The songs lyrics describe how Lorde is naturally an introvert, but is forced to be an extrovert due to the amount of fame she has recently gained. One influence of the song's title is the lyric "Me found bravery in my bravado" in Kanye West's "Dark Fantasy".

The song is three minutes and fourty-one seconds long, and is set at a tempo of 88 beats per minute. The key of "Bravado"  is B minor, with D major chords mixed in.


"Bravado" was released with the rest of the EP in 2012 through SoundCloud. It was officially released to iTunes in March 2013 through Universal Music Group. It was released as a digital download single on September 6th, 2013. 


- EmperorAguila - Lorde's best song in my opinion. Everything about it is perfect.