"Glory and Gore" is seventh track on Lorde's debut album, "Pure Heroine". The song was written by Lorde and Joel Little, who also produced the song. It also served as the third single released to the United States, released on March 11th, 2014. It peaked at number sixty-eight on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking higher than "Tennis Court" but not matching the success of other singles from the album, "Royals" and "Team".


The lyrics describe how Lorde is a gladiator, sent into the "ring" by the mainstream media.

Production and CompositionEdit

Along with the other songs on Pure Heroine, "Glory and Gore" was recorded at Golden Age Studios. Its beat is influenced by hip-hop, and is set at a tempo of 72 beats per minute. Its instrumental can be described as "dark", as it is set in the gloomy F minor.
LORDE - Glory and Gore (Lyric Video)

LORDE - Glory and Gore (Lyric Video)


It was announced in early 2014 that "Glory and Gore" was going to be Lorde's third US single, but the track was not released until March 11th of that year. The original third single was planned to be "Tennis Court", but the record label decided to release "Glory and Gore" instead.


Even before its official release, "Glory and Gore" peaked at #84 on the United State's Billboard Hot 100. Its current peak is at #68 on the Billboard Hot 100, but it is expected to peak higher once more people become aware about it.

The track recieved generally mixed reviews. Some critcs enjoyed the catchy hook, while other felt like the song's instrumental fit in with the rest of the album. According to Pitchfork Reviews,

"Glory and Gore"...rehashes the same bloody/regal/teen imagery, but its greater crime is the way Lorde overstuffs the verses with so many words that it weighs down the melody.

—Lindsay Zoladz, Pitchfork


  • EmperorAguila - In my opinion, "Glory and Gore" is Lorde's best song. I love the fictitious world that Lorde manages to create through her moving lyrics, and awesome instrumental. I totally recommend listening to it.
  • Synsho - Glory and Gore is just my type of song: it talks about "war", has a creepy, minor tune, and of course, it has Lorde's voice. It's really awesome!!!


  • The Fonda Theatre (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Warsaw Venue (Brooklyn, USA)
  • Laneway Festival Makeup Performance (Auckland, New Zealand)

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New Zealand Artists Singles (Recorded Music NZ) 17
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