The Lorde Tour is the first tour by singer-songwriter Lorde. 
Lorde pic7

Lorde performing Ribs.


  1. "Glory and Gore"
  2. "Biting Down"
  3. "Tennis Court"
  4. "White Teeth Teens"
  5. "Buzzcut Season"
  6. "Swingin Party"
  7. "Still Sane"
  8. "400 Lux"
  9. "Bravado"
  10. "Easy" (cover)
  11. "Ribs"
  12. "Royals"
  13. "Team"
  14. "A World Alone"


This a video of one of Lorde's full performances of the Lorde Tour:

The Lorde Tour - Full Concert 201455:31

The Lorde Tour - Full Concert 2014


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