This is Lordepedia's policy. ALL users must follow our policy, no matter how many rights they have. If you disagree with any aspect of our policy, message one of our administrators, or post your suggestion in our forum.

Community Policies Edit

  • Common Sense Policy – Common sense takes precedence over any policy. Be reasonable.
  • Copyrights – Except where otherwise specified, the text on Lordepedia is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0
  • Deletion Policy – This is a complete guide on what (not) should be deleted.
  • Democracy System – Democracy is an important aspect of Lordepedia. These are some basic guidelines on how it works, and how it should not be abused.
  • Ownership – Users do not own the pages and files they edit unless otherwise stated.
  • Protection Policy – Pages should remain fully editable unless there is considerable cause to warrant protection.
  • What Lordepedia Is Not – This is a basic list of things that Lordepedia is not.

Content Policies Edit

  • Media Policy – The images and media policy describes preferred image source, content, and usage in articles and other pages. It applies to all images equally, regardless of uploader, format, and subject. Please do not upload any inaproppriate photos of any kind, due to the fact that this wiki is for children of all ages.
  • Neutral Point of View – All Lordepedia articles should be written from a neutral point of view. No bias is allowed.
  • Redirecting – A redirect is a page created specifically to take a searcher straight to another article, even without the accurate name. They can be used in a variety of situations to help the users of this wiki.


  • Style Guide – Users must right articles in a certain format.
  • Title Guide  – Users must write titles in a certain format.

User Policies Edit

  • Assume Good Faith – Unless there is convincing evidence to otherwise, always consider any editor’s actions were to improve the wiki.
  • Chat Policies – You must follow our rules when talking in the Tennis Court.
  • Discussion Deletion Policy – Do not close or delete suggestions, unless they break one of our rules.
  • Don't Feed The Trolls – Do not provoke trolls (a person who is deliberately trying to make others angry) under any circumstances. It may encourage them and/or worsen the situation.
  • External Userpage Policy – Under normal circumstances, don't edit someone else's userpage.
  • User Block Policy – The "Block User" feature should not be taken lightly. You may only block a user if it is deemed necessary to do so.
  • User Treatment Policy – Be nice and don't try to cause unnecessary strife.

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