Pure Heroine is Lorde's debut studio album. It was originally released on September 27th 2013. An extended version was released on December 13th, 2013 featuring four songs from her debut EP, The Love Club, as well as 2 new tracks: No Better and a cover of The Replacements' Swingin Party, originally featured on the B-Side of Tennis Court. The record spawned 4 singles: Royals, Tennis Court, Team, and Glory and Gore, as well as 3 promotional singles: Buzzcut Season, Ribs, and No Better. Pure Heroine is produced by Joel Little, and is inspired by Lorde's youth and its songs frequently criticize the "mainstream".

Background and ReleaseEdit

Lorde began writing songs while playing her guitar when she was about 14 years old. She eventually met Joel Little, a New Zealand writer and producer. Their strong relationship developed immediately, and the two of them began developing Pure Heroine.

According to Lorde,

[Our relationship] is completely collaborative. I have listened to a lot of electronic music, and developed a real taste of exactly what I wanted in terms of production. Joel is the official producer and often we don’t see eye-to-eye, but I always get what I want at the end of the day.



"Pure Heroine" frequently criticizes the mainstream. (Tennis Court, Royals, Glory and GoreWhite Teeth Teens and A World Alone). It also covers her hometown (Team), nostalgia (Ribs) and times with her friends (Buzzcut Season and 400 Lux).


There are five covers used for Pure Heroine across the world, the standard edition features a plain grey background with a bold white text, three photo covers were released in Taiwan, and one was released in Japan.

Track listingEdit

All songs written and composed by Lorde and Joel Little, except for "Swingin Party" which was written by Paul Westenberg.

Standard EditionEdit

No. Title
1 "Tennis Court"
2 "400 Lux"
3 "Royals"
4 "Ribs"
5 "Buzzcut Season"
6 "Team"
7 "Glory and Gore"
8 "Still Sane"
9 "White Teeth Teens"
10 "A World Alone"

Extended Version TracksEdit

This edition includes four songs from The Love Club and two new tracks, "No Better" and "Swingin Party (song)

No. Title
11 "No Better"
12 "Bravado"
13 "Million Dollar Bills"
14 "The Love Club"
15 "Biting Down"
16 "Swingin Party"


  • Ella Yelich O'Connor – vocals, additional production
  • Stuart Hawkes – mastering
  • Charles Howells – photography
  • Mario Hugo – design, illustration
  • Joel Little – engineering, instrumentation, mixing, production
  • Ania Nowak – design support